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The TopPayingKeywords database presents the keyword prices of the 400,000+ keywords that have search engine bid prices of $1 or more. By identifying the highest paying keywords on the Internet, the database allows website owners to dramatically improve earnings in Google’s AdSense™ program.

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By optimizing the text of your website to include high priced keywords, Google will deliver ads based on these higher priced keywords, thus yielding you significantly more revenue per click.

Specifically, by understanding which keywords are the highest priced, you can generate more revenues by:

1. Modifying the text of existing web pages
2. Creating new web pages for existing websites; and/or
3. Creating completely new websites

One key to success in the first and second bullets is finding correlations between your existing content and new, higher-priced content. For instance, a site about baby names (baby names is a $0.05 keyword) could include content about life insurance (life insurance is a $6.00 keyword). In this case, the correlation is that when parents have children, they should make sure they have the best life insurance policy. spends hundreds of hours each month to determine the highest paying keywords. First, they research the price of the top 3,000,000 most heavily searched keywords and assess the price of each. They then brainstorm other keywords that are similar to the most expensive keywords on this list that may not be in the most heavily searched keyword list.

Their database is available in Microsoft Excel format and includes more than 400,000 keywords on which advertisers currently bid $1 or more. For each keyword, they include the average price of the number three paying ad on that keyword in the major pay per placement search engines (e.g., Google, Yahoo).

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Related comments of Top Paying Keywords:

The founders of operate a website that experiences a 1.5% click through rate (1.5% of page viewers click on one of their Google AdSense ads – this is the industry norm). However, their website has an average price per click of up to $4, which is 10 to 20 times the industry average, because they have optimized their site around the top paying keywords. Their site routinely generates $1,000 to $2,000 per day in revenues.

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