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The Skinny Fat Solution by Anthony Mychal, This Is A Package Of Digital Ebooks That Targets Males That Have Skinny-fat Syndrome And Want To Improve Their Body. There Is A Nutrition Ebook, A Training Ebook, A Lifestyle Ebook, And Much More.

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Not only was The Skinny-Fat Solution created from the hands of a skinny-fat sufferer, but He spent months working, tweaking, and crafting it with fellow skinny-fat sufferers to create an absolutely perfect solution for you.

It’s not just learning how to train. It’s about life. And that’s why The Skinny-Fat Solution covers all angles, and possible drawbacks. It can’t be any other way. You need to think differently. You need to train differently. You need to move differently. You need to eat differently.

Here’s what’s inside:

The Solution and Lifestyle Guide gives you an overview of why you’re skinny-fat: the unique conglomeration of catastrophes that spat out the physiology of a menopausal female. You’ll learn how lifestyle impacts your internal workings, and how you’re making yourself more skinny-fat with something as silly as your commute to work, and general approach to the world.

The Nutrition Fundamental Guide will have you looking at nutrients in a way a casual Google search could never teach you. It gives you the nutrition basics you need in order to make any meaningful body composition strides. It also gives an “all too easy” way to approach complicated nutrition methods, such as carbohydrate cycling.

The X Physique Training Primer lights the philosophical pathway for training. It lets you know what methods work and also why the program is structured the way it is. If, down the line, you want to branch into a different training focus, the primer would give you the information you need to make that happen without feeling lost in a sea of randomness. It’s a general overview of applying the Great Eight exercises for the X Physique (with the addition of a few extras knowing the concerns specific for a skinny-fat sufferer) into a training program.

The X Physique Training Program shows you different templates for the Great Eight (+4 extra) exercises for the X Physique. It fills in any gaps you’d have (after reading the primer) and gives examples to make sure you have more than enough to get on your way. You won’t have to spend hours deciphering things. Maybe you’re already at the level where you can do weighted chins? Don’t worry. Got you covered. Sample week to give you an idea of how the program would play out? Covered. Cool little tables to make things easy to understand? You bet.

The Lifestyle & Kitchen Hacks Resource is the secret sauce behind maintaining a lifestyle needed for body composition changes. It’s the stuff no one talks about, yet everyone does behind the scenes. How do you deal with nutrition habits at work? How do you deal with changing without de-friending your friends? How do you cook food in a time efficient way? How do you *gasp* enjoy eating vegetables? What spices make food taste good? Why is cheese the greatest thing in the world?

The Dissecting the Great Eight Guide goes technically in depth with every exercise. Lacking squat mobility? Covered. Curls hurt your elbows? Covered. Rounding your back during deadlifts? Covered. It provides fixes and alternatives for every complex-technical exercise programmed, and provides videos for examples of what “heavy” sets of what each exercise looks like. No more mamby-pamby, “Here’s great form — do this !

The Stubborn Fat Loss Guide is for those that are at the cusp of getting a six pack, yet hindered by a little “pouch” on their lower abs. It will make sure you don’t go into a calorie deprived crush diet that takes your muscles away from you. The secret sauce isn’t in the training. Oh, don’t worry. There’s a specific stubborn fat loss training program. But the real secret? The nervous system.

The Perfecting the Pull-up Manual will ensure you’re doing pull-ups right from start to finish. The best part? If you can’t do one yet, there’s a safe and sound progress for you.

The Leveling Up the Upper Chest Guide shows you how to incline bench press (one of the Great Eight) in a way best suited for the upper chest development AND shoulder health. It also details the most underrated push-up variation that no one talks about. (Probably because they don’t know about it.) And the best part? It’s one of the best upper chest exercises you can do — no special equipment required. He call it, “The Last Push-Up Variation You’ll Ever Need,” because, well…it’s the last push-up variation you’ll ever need.

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Related comments of The Skinny Fat Solution:

I am excited to tell you since discovering Anthony Mychal I have found the required faith that I can reach my goals. Seeing the proof with Anthony’s transformation I now know that I too can build a more muscular body. I have been primarily on the skinny side of Skinny Fat for all my life. I am now following Anthony’s recommendations found on his blog, The Skinny Fat Solution and Chaos Bulk programs. Today I am making gains not seen after over a dozen years of lifting weights. Even after religiously following another popular skinny guy 5 x 5 program for a frustrating few years. I have learned that pull-up are vital and I need to do bicep curls in order to reach my goals. I highly endorse Anthony’s recommendations and his products.

– Gary Frank

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