Is Crazy Little Bets Scam? – Read Crazy Little Bets Review

Are you feeling that Crazy Little Bets Scam ?, or reputation
You have to read this Crazy Little Bets Review

Each evening Ashley Cannon will email you the exact bet and stake Ashley Cannon is placing for the following day, Ashley Cannon will even tell you which bookies He is using for this bet.

You don’t have to take the bet with the same bookie as He is, you will get the bet in plenty of time to shop around for the best odds if you wish to.

The email will arrive each evening, so you can either get your bets on the night before or early morning.

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Betting £3 per day over a full 30 day month means you are betting a total of £90 over the month, instead of £780.

But you can still pull in that £300 per month profit.

Now thats over 300% more than you invested! A lot better than a 38% return right?

And not only that, but a lot less risk too!

Instead of paying out £780 per month, we’re keeping it under £100, in fact sometimes its as little as £1 per day, so a lot less than £100 over the month.

But again, the lower amount we bet doesn’t mean we lower the amount we profit.

Take this winner He had just the other day for example.

He placed a simple £1 bet on this treble on Wednesday 9th September

TREBLE BET (all 3 horses to win) Stake £1

Gannicus in the 3.35 @ Doncaster
Ingleby Angel in the 4.35 @ Carlisle
Ocean Legend in the 5.50 @ Kempton

The bet ended up at odds of 419/1… Now this was a great result.

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That is the beauty of this way of betting…

He won £419 that day, and over the next 5 days He didn’t land a single thing!

But all He lost over this 5 day period was £9.40.

Lets go back to the previous example.

Say if you were betting £10 per bet and you had just landed £420 profit from a single bet or a combination over a single day.

Then you had 5 days without a winner at 3 bets per day.

Instead of wiping less than £10 from that profit, you would have wiped off £150!

Over a third of the profit you just made.

I’m sure by now you can see just how beneficial this strategy can be.

Now, what is He offering you?

He is offering you the chance to get his bets each day.

According to our review Crazy Little Bets is Not a Scam, It’s very clear and show some proof of the reliability. Check out again at

Most important thing of all, 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with these product.
So trying out the program would be RISK-FREE…

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