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Hopeless to Harvard, Before You Apply to Harvard, Here’s How You Can Actually Get In – Even with B+ Grades and a 1360 SAT.

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Inside You’ll Find:

– Spikes – how to create your own and why not having it guarantees rejection (pg 6)
– 3 steps to impress Yale admissions with things you’ve never done! (pg 7)
– Why everyone ignores the resume…and exactly how you can use that to your advantage (pg 7)
– 2 mandatory check-boxes that you must fill-out over the summer (pg 10)
– The only thing you must do as an athlete that will wow Princeton (pg 16)
– Why no one cares if you’re president of NHS – and how to be a real leader (pg 18)
– The fatal mistake that artists and musicians make constantly in applications (pg 21)
– How spending just $100 on a little-known service can get a fat envelope from Harvard (pg 23)
– The simplest thing that almost any student can do to get the attention of every Ivy (pg 24-25)
– The exact score cut-offs to be fast-tracked as a science or math whiz (pg 24)
– 2 emergency tricks to strengthen your academic credentials in just 8 minutes (pg 26)
– Finally revealed – the actual minimum SAT score that you must meet to have a hope in hell. Here’s why (pg 30)
– Say what? Why too many AP tests can actually hurt you (pg 31)
– A last-minute way to convince Stanford to ignore that C+, 3.2 GPA (pg 32)
– Commit these 2 deadly errors and guarantee a spot on the waitlist (pg 32)
– 3 secrets to make-up for a total lack of volunteer work…when you’re running out of time (pg 40)
– 8 of his biggest secrets from 3 years inside Admissions (pg 42-43)
– How to be labeled as a “superstar” – and given special attention by every top school (pg 42)
– The one person that can reverse any admissions decision – and exactly how you get their attention! (pg 42)
– If you don’t answer these 2 questions in your Common App, you will be outright rejected no matter how strong you are (pg 44)

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Related comments of Hopeless to Harvard:

Hopeless to Harvard is without doubt the best aid for college admissions on the market. I’ve been thinking and researching about colleges since fourth grade, and have read books and criticisms about college admissions. Never have I come across a guide so genuine and insightful as Hopeless. It has been my experience that most students have the pre-conceived notion that grades are the deciding factor in gaining college admission . This book not only disproves that notion, but it accomplishes in about 50 pages what books like “A is for Admission” cannot. It is frank and to the point, with no useless information. I am in the summer between my freshman and sophomore years, and have compiled a list of activities and goals that will contribute to my important “spike” that I believe will propel me, and all others who follow this guide with dedication, into admission. I look forward in my high school career with great confidence that I have gained from Hopeless to Harvard, and I highly recommend this book to all students in all grade levels. Truly, this guide is by far the best kept secret in college admissions.

-Tim Mason

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