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Major companies spend millions of dollars every year keeping track of their customer service abilities and their general appearance, because they know that customers will not return to their stores if the employees are rude, or the floors dirty, or the shopping experience is in any way unpleasant. That’s where you come in. Mystery Shoppers are a highly valuable resource for major brands to rely on, to keep up their awareness of how they are perceived by customers.

No prior experience is required. All you need to work as a well-paid Mystery Shopper is a pleasant people-friendly personality, the sincere desire to be helpful, the ability to recognize and remember details, and persistence. You can get paid to eat in restaurants, shop in stores, visit spas, malls, banks, and more. And the pay is great, too! Some Mystery Shoppers work several times a week, doing these fun and exciting jobs.

You’re probably asking, if Mystery Shopping is so fun and easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? Well, for starters, not that many people know how to get access to Mystery Shopping jobs. Although there have been news stories featuring Mystery Shoppers in the major media such as NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, Time Magazine, Yahoo, and more, very few people actually go and do the hard work it takes to research the good companies who are hiring Mystery Shoppers today.

That’s where they come in. Their editorial staff has been involved in the Mystery Shopping industry since 2004. They know who the “good guys” are, and who to avoid. The bottom line is, if you are serious about getting paid to shop, you really have two choices: 1) Go it alone and try to figure it all out yourself (not recommended); or, 2) Join a membership site such as Elite Mystery Shopper where they’ve already done the hard work and you can instantly learn what you need to know and start registering for Mystery Shopper jobs with the major Mystery Shopping companies right away.

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